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Samantha & Justin Henry

Salt Box Inn

Cookeville, TN

This couple we fell in love with. The love they have for each other blew us away and the love and support that their family gave was second to none. They were great and easy to work with and practically did everything that we asked. We wish them the best of luck and confident that they have a long future in front of them.

For an August wedding, this turned out to be a very comfortable day. And the Salt Box Inn in August (or anytime of year for that matter) is beautiful! Between the stables, the wedding sites and the Inn, that place makes for some a beautiful wedding setting.

So this wedding was the first one after a very long hiatus. Samantha & Justin were kind enough to trust us with their wedding film, and we are so blessed that they did! Between the couple, the venue, the song choice, this may be one our favorite videos ever!

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