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Ashley & Clay Dent Wedding Film

Location: Square One Venue

City: Chattanooga, TN

Just loved working with this couple, Ashley & Clay Dent. This was one of the more precious weddings we have been part of , as the brides father officiated the wedding, which led to a very emotional and special ceremony. Definitely one of the more unique and special weddings we have been part of. Oh, and did I mention the rain? Most brides would go running, but Ashley went running to the rain and was set on getting shots in the rain! Absolutely loved it!

This couple has a fire for God and it truly showed through in their ceremony and what the day. We truly wish them the best of luck!

Also, let me state that the staff at Square One Venue in Chattanooga, TN was fantastic to work with! They were very organized and and I reacted quickly to the changing weather!

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