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Heather & Landon Wedding Film

Heather & Landon's wedding was our first wedding for 2018, and it was a bit chilly for an April wedding, but turned out to be just a perfect day. I mean perfect! Despite the 32° weather and snow (actually shown in the video - 41 sec mark), they made the most of their day. The entire family and wedding party were more than supportive and the love showed all the way throughout the day.

I mean it was snowing for goodnesssakes! In April! But definitely one of our favorite weddings.

So this is the second trip back to Tomlinson Family Farm, in Lebanon (just 30 minutes east of Nashville) and the second trip was just as good as the first. Great setting!

Also, this was our first wedding with the Zhiyun Cane V2 (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a camera stabilizer, so all of our shots are very smooth), and oh my goodness this made my life so much easier! I fell in love with this gimbal and will never go back to a mechanical style system. This thing is good and I mean good!

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