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Raffaella & Jacob Wedding

Fairvue Plantation

Hendersonville, TN

Raffaella and Jacob's story will absolutely melt your heart and they tell it so well throughout their wedding day! Jacob was in love with Raffaella from the moment he met here in high school. Time and distance sometimes makes the heart grow fonder. Ultimately they found each other at the right place and the right time and the res is history! You just have to watch this one because I can't explain it and do it justice!

From the first time that Raffaella contacted us, she had a vision. She wanted to tell their story the way it deserved to be told, and I am so thankful that we were there to capture it!

This was our first trip to Fairvue Plantation in Hendersonville. This private country club doesn't disappoint! The lake views, the clubhouse, everything about it!

So this was my 3rd wedding in one weekend. Needless to say we were exhausted but so grateful that we got to cap the weekend off with Raffaella and Jacob!

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