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Lexi & Andrew Elmore

Baxter,, TN

Oh my goodness where to start! So Lexi & Andrew are the type of hometown people we all want to be like! From living the farm life, to having a connection so genuine, and values that run deep. These two got married on their farm, in their back yard, right next too this beautiful pond that they will wake up every morning looking at, teach their kids to catch lightning bugs around, and grow old looking at! What an amazing place to start their precious journey!

Their day started out with some rain in the forecast, but it wasn’t clouding anyone’s spirit! Starting with a lot of laughter and continuing through emotional first looks, exchanging gifts, and reading letters to one another, this day was shaping up to be absolutely perfect!

Now, before I get into the next part, let me say that I hear rain on your wedding day is good luck! So as we moved into the ceremony, the clouds & thunder was coming! A very light sprinkle started as the wedding party made their way down the isle and settled into their places. As the anticipation grew and the moment Lexi started down the isle, the skies opened-up. Now let me stop there and say, that the phrase “opened-up” is an understatement! I am talking, can’t see 20 feet in front of you downpours!!! But the amazing (and I. MEAN. AMAZING.) thing is that the moment this happened, Andrew quietly told the entire wedding party “no body move”. He was determined that there was not one thing that was going to get in the way of marrying the love of his life! Not a drop of rain, lightning, or anything else for that matter! This made my entire day!

These two stuck to their plan and didn’t waiver, and their wedding party, family, and friends stuck right by their side through the entire thing! Don’t run from the storms that come up in your life – TAKE THEM HEAD ON!!! And just like this situation, your real family and friends will be right there by your side with you and you’ll come out stronger on the other side! So, if what they say is true about rain on your wedding day, THESE TWO ARE SET FOR LIFE!!!

Staying very close to home for this one! Just about a 10 drive west of Cookeville, it made it very easy! This was also the first time that I got to work with Sarah Cole from @photosbysarahmarie, which was awesome!

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