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Gillian & Scott Wedding

The Cathedral & City Winery

Nashville, TN

These two can throw one heck of a party!!! If nothing else, this video is worth watching all the way through just to be part of an incredible reception! Now that said, these two are absolutely precious! They were so comfortable around each other, that we didn't even need to direct them on the poses, they practically did it all themselves! They absolutely melted our heart and I am sure they will yours too! Everything about their day, from letters, to the stories that their bridal party told, to the ceremony itself was literally perfect!

We made a trip to Centennial Park in Nashville for the after wedding photo shoot and it made for some unbelievable scenery! The shots by the small lake in the part and by the Parthenon are incredible! And again, they were so comfortable.

This was my first trip to the Cathedral and that church will take your breath away! Literately stunning!

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