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Jennifer & J.R. Jernigan

Iriswoods Event Center | May 26th, 2019,

Nasvhille,, TN

Jennifer and J.R. are rock solid and are grounded in their faith and each other! Driving to their wedding on the morning of the 26th, I watched the temperature climb - it was hot. But the shade that Iriswoods offered was just perfect for the outside festivities. The moment I arrived, I felt right at home with all of their wedding party and fell in love with their enthusiasm and personality! After everyone was dressed, the day started with a first look between Jennifer and J.R. that will absolutely take your breath away. The following that they had a very special moment with Jennifer's uncle, who is a minister and he blessed their marriage in a very personal setting. From that point on, it was photos, video, and off to the wedding ceremony.

Now their wedding ceremony had a first for me (I actually have another one coming up this year), but they set time in of their ceremony for praise and worship. How freakin' cool! What a way to start a marriage than to praise God for his perfect gift!

Following their ceremony, they had such a fun party! From awesome toasts, to dancing, to the entire wedding party and all of the guests singing God Bless the USA. This video is a must watch until the end. We feel so blessed to get to be part of such an awesome day!

I know I mentioned above that it was hot, but when you were in the shade it was quite nice. But the moment you stepped into direct sun, on came the waterworks!

Babs and the whole crew at Iriswoods Event Center never disappoint! Their venue is georgous and the back of the property is lined with an old rock query, which makes for amazing drone footage (photo shown above). If you're looking for a venue just east of Nashville in Gallatin, you should not look any further! This was the first time working with Kendra Photographer (@kendraphotography), who is based out of Kentucky and the if your photographer shopping in the Nashville area, you should hit her up!

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