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Sarah & Cody Wedding

The Foundry On The Fair Site

Knoxville, TN

Oh my gosh, this couple, bridal party, and family was so much fun... which ultimately led to an extremely fun wedding! Oh and their story... These two met as kids, dated in high school and timing just wasn't right. Tried again in college, and timing just wasn't right, but later found their way back to each other "and the rest is history". You have to watch this video and be part of their story. We absolutely loved how their wedding party portrayed their unique story and were so blessed to be part of it. We're confident that this couple will last forever!

So being in Knoxville the weekend before college football kicked off was just awesome. You could almost feel the energy all ready. Oh and before going to the venue, I was sure to stop by and just star at the stadium. Just two days LEFT!!!!! Go VOLS. But when I got to the hotel and met the bridal party, I realized that ALL of them were West Virginia fans! How crazy is that. Needless to say, we all hit it off and had a great time, despite our upcoming differences in a couple of days. They were truly great people and we were blessed to have been part of their life for one special day. Thank you so much to Sarah and Cody for choosing us!

And this was our first trip to The Foundry on the fair site in Knoxville. They have a beautiful place for a wedding and it was truly awesome being there.

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