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Tonya & Matt Wedding Film

Sun Dance Farms

Knoxville, TN

This is just a short version of the the film, but let me tell you Tonya & Matt were absolutely adorable and great to work with. As you can see within the film, the happiness and love they have is almost contagious. This was a VERY hot day for May, but they made the best of it and didn't let anything get in their way! I really do wish this couple the best and I'm confident they will create a beautiful family!

This is our first trip east this year (Cookeville to Knoxville) and it was a refreshing to get closer to Rocky Top! We're accustomed to that drive in the fall, but making the trip in May for Tonya and Matt's wedding was just as rewarding!

There will be a full length version of this video coming out soon!

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