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Kaila & Hunter Wedding

The Meadows

Monterey, TN

So here is to the beginning of a new adventure. I (Brittany) have known Kaila her whole life (I baby sat here and her bother when they were kids), so it was just perfect that we got to be such a big part of their special day! These two are amazing - from their attitude, love, outlooks, you name it! Their ceremony was very traditional, with no first look, so the moment that Hunter saw Kaila coming down the isle... well let's just say it will melt your heart! Oh and the first look with her dad was just great. Beautiful staircase, beautiful bride with her daddy, what else could you ask for?

Now this was VERY chilly day for October, but they made the best of it! With the wedding party huddling together to put off more warmth and Kaila and Justin cuddling together, everyone was just the right temperature!

Now this was the first trip we made to The Meadows, so being able to stay close to Cookeville... I will take it! This was also the first time working with Julie Wilken with Martha May Photography, and it was a lot of fun!

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