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Cecily & Parker Wedding

Willow Ave. Church of Christ

Cookeville, TN

What a way to start off 2019! I had the pleasure of meeting Cecily and Parker in February of 2018 and their personality is just addictive. They are two of the nicest people I have met along the journey and appreciate everything that they stand for! Their wedding was held in their home church in Cookeville, and they were surrounded by their family, closest friends, and church family. Thier wedding ceremony is now probably my favorite, as when the doors slung open for her to come down the isle, she had a microphone in here hand and started singing all the way down the isle. YES you heard that correctly! She sang an acoustic version of "I Get to Love You" and let me tell you, there wasn't a dry eye on the stage or building. Absolutely loved this! Oh and their first look was too precious. They were praying for snow (since this is January), but since they didn't get it they filled a balloon with fake snow popped it right in front of Parker's face, and there you are! "Happy Wedding"

Although they didn't get their snow, this was a very beautiful (but a bit chilly) January day. Everything about their day went flawlessly and it was capped off with an awesome snowflake exit, into Parker's truck, with can's tied to the back. People just don't do that enough anymore! Come on people, take note!

After starting off the new year, it was good to have a wedding only 7 minutes from my house! That is rare, and we'll take it! Now for a long break until April! Can't wait!

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