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Bailey & Heath Wedding

Standing Stone

Livingston, TN

Adorable is the only place to start with Bailey and Heath! October weddings are the best and when you have the adorableness of this couple, it makes it that much better. These two melted our hearts from day one. From the moment we started planning their day with Bailey, you could see the excitement in her eyes to get the spend the rest of her lift with the man of her dreams. And their first look.... oh my! Heath's look would take your breath away! Oh, and the river!!! So quick story, we worked with Zach and Sarah (which was amazing!) and they did their engagement photo's at the very waterfall they are standing behind. Just love how some things come full circle!

Baily's uncles farm was a perfect setting for this wedding and their home made for stunning photo's and video as the day came together!

As mentioned above this was the first time I got the opportunity to work with Zach and Sarah and it was a great experience! They were great throughout the day and really made things happen! On and their pictures are amazing! Again, I can't stress how much we love Cookeville weddings, or at least close to Cookeville! Thank you for choosing to stay local with your wedding vendors.

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