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Serene & Vitaly Wedding Film

Rosewood Chapel

Cookeville, TN

This couple has such an amazing story - lets just start there. The way that God brought them together is simply unreal. From Russia and Malaysia, the two were brought together right here in Cookeville, TN. Both attended Tennessee Tech, and that's where it started. The next phase in their life is obviously marriage and moving to Philadelphia full time. This couple has a fire for God and brought it through their ceremony in every possible way.

Members of their family did a short worship service during their ceremony that was amazing! Oh, and the under the veil shots (shown to the left) where off the charts. You have to watch the video and see for yourself! I believe that Serene made a comment "it looks like the movies!".

Rosewood Chapel is such a beautiful place! Tucked into the corner of a mountain, just before you drop off into Gainesboro!

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