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Haley & Matt Wedding

Home Sweet Home

Cookeville, TN

First let me start by saying that Haley and Matt are absolutely adorable! Matt is the most polite gentlemen that I have ever seen... and the way he looks, talks, and just treats Haley will melt your heart. Their wedding was simple, in their back yard, right in the place they plan to start their family. Matt is a cattle farmer and his brother said it best with saying, "there is only one thing that Matt loves more than buying 5 month bread, full mouth cows, and that is being married to Haley!

This beautiful farm is their back yard. This is one of the most stunning pieces of property that I have seen and the home that they have remodeled is beautiful. I truly wish this couple nothing but love and happiness for the rest of their days!

Oh, and being from Baxter, I felt right at home!

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