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Ashley & Michael Cummings

Bilbrey Crossing

Cookeville,, TN

From the moment we met Ashley and Michael we fell in love with their story and the family they were starting! Their wedding day was nothing but absolutely perfect. From the energy of their wedding party, to the way that the two looked at each other all day, there was happiness and love throughout the air that was just contagious. Speaking of the wedding party energy, I asked the guys to pick Michael up, and they literally started throwing him 10 feet in the air (pictures below). Happy to say no one was hurt and made for some epic memories.

From the moment that Michael turned around after the first look, it was nothing but magic from there on out. And their exit at the end of the evening... everyone should do the Chinese fire lanterns! There is something majestic about that at the end of the evening and it went perfectly with the day they had!

While we did have to dodge some unexpected rain showers, when the rain stopped the cloud cover made for perfect lighting and the setting for their portraits and video! The small grassy area off to the west of the venue was absolutely perfect

This was our first trip to the new venue (Bilbrey Crossing), just north of Cookeville in Rickman, TN. The inside was made up of old barnwood and tin, which made for great backdrops!

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