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Aimee & Luke Rodgers

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Riverwood Mansion,

Nasvhille,, TN

Aimee and Luke are incredible and we literally fell in love with their story from the very beginning! The two of them met 9 years ago and over the course of the years to follow, their paths would cross often. On their first date, Luke just knew that Aimee was going to his wife. Luke's continuous pursuing of Aimee led to something beautiful! Luke was counting (literally) the days to get to marry Aimee.

Their wedding day started with some crazy weather, but ultimately led to a perfect afternoon! To quote Aimee in one of our first meetings "I love the fact that I know that Luke is always looking at me" - this couldn't be more true. From the time that Aimee walked down the isle, Luke, with the most genuine look in his eyes, never stopped looking at her. This melted out hearts! As the day went on, it moved into an amazing party, where you could feel the love and support from those around them.

Following the early morning rain (literally downpours of biblical proportions), there was perfect cloud cover that made for the best lighting on their day. This was our first spring/2019 wedding and the bright colors didn't disappoint.

Riverwood Mansion in Nashville is breathtaking. There literally isn't a bad backdrop there and the staff were amazing to work with! This was also the first time working with Molly Peach Photography and as amazing as her work is, she is just as amazing to work with! Also, special thanks to Michael Brandon for playing second shooter for us - the kid got mad skills!

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